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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Been a Long Month... Lots to Share :O)

Three major topics for this post:
1.  I feel great!  :O)
2. We're expecting (at least - haha) number five!  :O)
3.  My oldest "baby" just grew up!  He was baptized.  :O) 

Wow, I can't believe it's already been an entire month since my last post.  I have so much to tell you all about.  First of all, I want to let you all know that I am feeling so incredible compared to how I felt last month when I last wrote.  :O)  I honestly think that just calling out and naming the elephant in my living room has helped me incredibly.  I'm sure it's not the end, but it's a great beginning.  :O)  Long story made short: I feel great!

Our super surprise happened on Monday, February 20, 2012.  I had been "wondering" if I needed to get a pregnancy test or not.  ;o)  So I finally drove all over town trying to find one that didn't cost $15 or even $10.  I finally found a Dollar Tree and bought one for exactly $1.  I got home and used it and got the fastest positive I've ever had!  We were pretty tickled.  (Well, Luke had a bit more of a shock to overcome than I did, but he came 'round pretty quick. ;o) )  I am totally fine and excited about having "another baby," but when I count them all up and realize that I will have FIVE children, I get a little nervous!!!  :O)  Some of you may think I'm nuts - some for having so many, some for being nervous with so few to tend!  You're both probably right.  ;O)  I probably am nuts for having FIVE KIDS.  I mean, who does that nowadays anyway?  (I do and many of my friends do!  Haha.)  And I am nuts for freaking out over JUST five kids.  After all, there are only five of them.  My point is, WE are so VERY HAPPY for this great blessing and gift from God.  My husband and I decided before we married that we would be willing to take as many spirits as the Lord saw fit to send to us.  We are grateful for a rest between pregnancies/babies but still hope to have more in the future.  We both have always wanted a large family and I think we've got a good start.  :O)

Oh, and for those of you who may be wondering about details: the baby will be born before Thanksgiving.  :O)  I am choosing to not give my "due date" this time around to see if it makes a difference in difficult-to-endure comments at the very tiring end of pregnancy.  ;o)  A woman who has been pregnant for a very long nine months does NOT want to hear, "Oh, you're still pregnant?  You look like you're about to burst!"  SHE KNOWS THIS!!!  It's is very difficult sometimes to gracefully handle well-meaning, all be it super annoying people's ignorant comments late in pregnancy.  So, I've chosen to not disclose my due date to anyone.  If the baby is not born by Thanksgiving, you can all express your deep concern for me and the baby's health.  :O)  We are planning a home delivery just like the last two.  I'll be meeting with a possible midwife later this week or next.  (I'll have to see about getting some pictures taken to document my "progress" throughout the pregnancy.)

The other major event that happened this last month is my oldest "baby" turned eight years old.  In my faith, we believe that eight years of age is a wondrous time.  A time of leaving infancy behind forever and entering a new phase of maturity: the age of accountability.  We believe that by the time a child has reached the age of eight, he knows well enough the difference between right and wrong and can begin to make decisions for himself.  Children who are at least eight years old can make the choice to be baptized into the kingdom of God and be a follower of Jesus Christ.  My beautiful baby boy decided to follow this path.  We are so pleased by his decision.  His baptism was Sunday, February 26, 2012.   

I was so unprepared for the deluge of emotions and memories that overcame me that beautiful day!  I had visions of my own baptism as a young teen.  I had memories of gospel conversations with my Grandma Thorp.  I thought about my own mother's recent decision to be baptized just last spring (May 2012).  I thought about my wedding day and the covenants I made in the temple to my husband and my Lord.  I thought about how terribly I miss my grandparents now that they are no longer here on earth.  I FELT the actual presence of my grandparents there celebrating with us that special day.  I like to think my Grandpa Anderson was there too, but I was quite young when he passed away and consequently, I don't feel that I knew him well enough in life to recognize him.

It was such a happy occasion.  As soon as it began, the tears began and didn't stop.  :O)  Lukey's Uncle Jacob gave a really fun talk about baptism with a neat visual using water, food coloring, and bleach.  It illustrated the purity we have before sin enters our life, the harmful effects of sin, and the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was wonderful.  Then, as a family, we stood together and recited Mosiah 18:10 then sang "When I Am Baptized."  Lukey was baptized after that by his daddy.  While Luke and Lukey were changing into dry clothes family members came up and shared their testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When the boys rejoined us Grandpa Bahr gave a brief talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Then Lukey was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Sister Thacker gave Lukey a picture of the Savior to hang on his bedroom wall and welcomed him on behalf of the Primary.  Then Bishop Metcalf shared a few words.

It was so lovely to have so many family members and friends there for such a special event for us.  Luke's mom and dad and youngest sister, Jean were all able to travel from Louisiana to be here for Lukey's special day.  Kaylene & Aaron Barker and their boys Dallin and Daniel were able to come from Springville.  Shersti and her two boys, Thane and Kirstian came from West Jordan (her husband, Jason was sick and wasn't able to make it).  Tom & Michelle and darling Josie came from Orem.  Jacob and his new fiancee, Rebecca were there from Provo.  My dear friend Joy Zuniga and her beautiful three girls, Camila, Alondra, and baby Andrea came up from Provo also.  Another great friend, Heather & Keri Dillingham and their cute-as-can-be kids, Abigail and Kyle came all the way up from Payson.  Brother & Sister Christensen and Sister Thacker from Primary were there, as well as, Bishop & Sister Metcalf and their adorable crew.  It was such a treat to have so many beloved people here with us.  Uncle Aaron got some great pictures of the festivities.  They can be seen here 

Nearly half of Luke's siblings were gathered together that beautiful day.  We can't wait until Jacob & Rebecca's wedding in April when, hopefully, the whole family will be able to be together.  :o) 


  1. that's a good idea not to tell your due date - I've had a harder time sometimes than others, not sure what makes this difference. This last pregnancy was pretty good, I tried to stay busy busy which does get easier as there are more kids in the fam. Best of luck!

    (...And did you guys have fun at the Disney on Ice? I had my husband go, and I laughed so hard hearing his take away :) )

    1. Staying busy sure isn't hard as a family grows; that's for sure! :O) Some pregnancies are harder than others when it gets closer to the end and you're already just totally excited/anxious to meet your new little one. I think the hardest one for me was my last (Elias). I didn't know my "due date" because I had no menses to calculate from (I love breastfeeding!) and for a while I was measuring "big" for our estimations, so the possibility of the baby coming sooner than we thought was very real; though it sure didn't happen!!! Measurement and guessing conception dates, I "could have" gone as soon as the end of Dec ('09), though we figured I was "due" mid-January ('10). That little stinker made me wait nearly a full week into February ('10). He was born on 6 February. I even attempted *gasp* an herbal induction, unsuccessfully, the week before he was born. I was having a *really* hard time being patient with that little guy. ;O) This time I *know* the exact day I ovulated/conceived and I'm certain of my dates, so waiting for an "overbaker" will be much easier. My last two have been about a week or so past my "due date."

      We all seemed to enjoy Disney on Ice, though I was unprepared for the extreme volume of it and wished I'd brought earplugs for me and the kids. It was so loud I didn't even bother cheering when something was really cool because you couldn't even hear yourself cheering, so why bother? It took some of the fun out of it. I had a splitting headache before it was time to go. :o( We all really enjoyed the spectacular skating though - that was super cool! Barbie and Ken had some amazing stunts! I'll have to go read your hubby's version!

  2. Your catching up to James and Raelynn's 5 kids. Before it was them catching up to you ;)

    1. Hahaha! I know, she totally passed me up for a little bit! I'm secretly hoping for twins so I can officially be in the lead again now that they've passed us!!! :O) However, twins would mean a new vehicle because we only have one seat belt left in our current minivan. So, maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea. ;O) I'm not sure I'm quite ready for the extreme gas-guzzling of a mid- or full-size van; our minivan is bad enough! It would be quite funny though!